Continue your protection with our intruder alarm maintenance service to check that your alarm system is working in perfect condition and is up to British industry standards. An annual check of your alarm system is especially important if insurers request installing an alarm system. If your alarm system is monitored for a police response, your alarm system is checked twice a year.

Whether we’ve installed your intruder alarm system or not, we can provide a maintenance service for any intruder alarm system installed.

A comprehensive maintenance service to keep you protected

Our intruder alarm maintenance service tests all the main functions of your alarm system, including the setting and unsettling procedures, activating the system and checking received signals at the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). We also check the all-important battery backup, giving you the confidence that your alarm system can give you the best protection as possible for your property.

Maintaining all forms of monitoring systems

With many forms of alarm system monitoring available, there is constant innovation and improvement in transmission methods that we take into consideration. 

Our ARC monitors from the oldest technology such as digital communicators to the more current technologies such as RedCARE classic with dual-path signalling, RedCARE GSM, DualCom and Emizon. These latest technologies use a combination of dual-path methods including PSTN, 3G and IP which means you are not restricted to any specific technology to benefit from the superior dual-path monitoring system. 

Maintaining existing intruder alarms for your peace of mind

With any professionally installed intruder alarm system, we can provide maintenance and monitoring services for systems fitted by other providers, not just from ourselves. 

Prior to a system takeover, we carry out a compliance check as part of the initial service to confirm that your system meets and complies with the latest standards. 

Need an intruder alarm maintenance service to continue protecting your property?

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