Discover solutions to provide extra security to your building by controlling entry permissions with our door access control systems, also known as proximity access control systems. This system provides control and management of any number of doors – from a single entrance door to hundreds of doors in different buildings.

With the ability to secure multiple doors within your property, managers can select different levels of access to your building with our powerful windows-based software. Thousands of users can access hundreds of doors over multiple sites with our proximity access system so you can feel safe knowing there is secure protection for your staff and assets.

Control & manage any number of doors, in multiple areas, for added security

Subject to permission, authorised users are issued with a proximity card or fob to present at the door. When the fob or token is presented, access is facilitated by an electronic mag lock, door release or electric shoot bolt which is released by the controller.

Find out how you can integrate biometrics into your access systems.

Control access 24/7 easily with our software

Together with our proximity card access system hardware and centralised administration control software, controlling access to your property could not be easier. Gain access to one or more remote sites, managing up to 50,000 users and over 1,000 doors. 

Using the intuitive access control system software, control the access of individual users, groups, visitors and contractors by the time of day and individual doors. 

Staff can be issued with proximity door access cards that can be personalised and printed to double up as ID cards. A variety of fobs or key rings can also be utilised for ease of use.

Find out more about our door access maintenance services.

Receive detailed reporting to see any unauthorised access for added security

With real-time reports, you can easily see what’s happening in your building. Event reports can be personalised to show the information you need about your property’s security. See which doors are in use, by who and when. 

For more control, the system can email reports and notifications such as when a door is left open or when it is forced. Also, get alerts for when an individual enters through a specific area. 

To fulfil your statutory obligation, the fire control muster reporting allows you to know who is on-site when the fire arose. 

Check staff working hours to increase productivity

Entry and exit data from the software captures a user’s movements around the building so you can find out when staff or contractors arrive and leave, calculate actual hours worked and deduct hours spent on breaks. Departmentalisation of the building allows you see how long is spent in certain areas, allowing you to increase productivity. 

All doors released for safe evacuation in case of fire

In case of a fire, the fire alarm system sends a command to the access control system which puts all the controlled door locks out of action to allow free movement in the building. A muster list will be generated by the software of all the users that were recorded in the building at the time of the event. 

Basic integration with your fire system is a requirement of the access system operation standards in order to automatically release all doors in case of a fire.

Integrate your CCTV system for clearer investigations

With a compatible CCTV system, you can link your Network Video Recorder (VNR) with the access control system. When searching for an event, the access control interrogates the NVR hard drive and locates the related images of the camera associated with the door. 

In cases of investigations or incidents, you can easily verify the user at the time of the event and remove doubt over who may have been involved.

Need a door access control system to protect your property?

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Proximity Access Control System FAQs

Do you have questions about our door access controls systems? See below for our frequently asked questions. If your question is not here, contact our experts.

Is the proximity access solution COVID-19 secure?

Proximity access offers one of the most covid secure access solutions as users simply have to hold up their access card or token to the reader with no requirement to touch the reader.

Are you accredited?

For your peace of mind, we are insurance approved, SSAIB registered installers and maintainers of access control systems. All systems installed by us are fitted to the very highest specification and comply with the British Standard BS: 50133-7.


We are also Paxton Access registered installers since 2014 and are pleased to offer their systems and technology as standard.

What is the minimum number of doors I can control with a system?

Access control can start with as little as one door but can be expanded to control and manage up to 200 doors.

How many people can the proximity access control system give access to?

The access control system can manage as many as 10,000 users which can be split into departments or groups with individual permissions.

Can you maintain an existing system?

We have extensive experience with all makes of access control systems including Paxton, Vanderbilt, Honeywell, Videx and PAC to name a few. We’re happy to assist you to repair, update or extend your existing technology so that your investment in your existing system does not get wasted. Find out more about our proximity access control maintenance here

What happens in a fire situation?

The access system will be integrated and connected to your fire system. In a fire condition, the fire alarm output will automatically release the controlled doors.  Through the software, the system can produce a “muster report” of people on the premise at the time of the fire, helping you comply with health and safety regulations.

How do authorised users gain access to the building?

Once issued with a proximity card or fob, users simply present the token at the door and they’ll be given access, subject to them having permission. Proximity cards can also double up as ID cards.

Can the access control system work over multiple sites?

When using the software over the internet or cloud, you can control access over any number of sites. This makes administration easier because an authorised user has access to multiple sites without having to visit them individually.

Can individual permissions be given to individual users?

Once authorised, you can give individual authorised users access permissions by the individual door, time of day or even for a limited timescale, for example with temporary contractors.

What happens if there is a power failure?

The individual access-controlled doors have an integral battery back-up which will keep doors working for several hours in a power cut, maintaining security in the building.

What sort of reporting can I achieve from the software?

The software provides a range of reports such as simple reports on individuals, doors, by time and or date. With the professional software upgrade, time and attendance reports enable you to check an operative’s actual on-site hours quickly versus their contracted hours.

Can I integrate my CCTV with the access control system?

If you have a camera near an access-controlled door, then it is easy to integrate the camera into the access system. When a door is used, left open or forced, the access system can grab an image of the event enabling you to speed up an investigation into the situation.