Discover our intruder alarm system to give you the first line of defence against burglary. When monitored by an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), you can rest assured that your property is safe and protected.  A highly visible external sounder unit warns thieves that the property is alarmed and is likely to attract a police response, so thieves will be deterred from breaking in.  

Reduce false alarms with dual technology detectors

With over 30 years of experience in the electronic security industry, we have developed an intruder alarm specification using dual technology detectors that are designed to reduce false alarms from the outset. 

Dual technology detectors utilise two different detection methods; one is a traditional PIR (passive infrared) sensor and the other is a high-frequency microwave detector. These units are triggered by different sources meaning the possibility of false alarms are greatly reduced.

Implementing sequential monitoring to discover genuine intrusions

Sequential monitoring is a system that uses two separate detectors to determine whether a genuine break-in has occurred. 

The first alarm is generated when an intruder enters the property and activates a detector. This first signal transmits to the ARC and only attracts a keyholder response. If the second detector is activated then the second alarm is triggered by the ARC operative for a police response. 

Activating a single detector could be a false alarm but when the second alarm is triggered, it is more likely to be a genuine intrusion and the police can be dispatched with more confidence. 

Dual path monitoring for quick responses

A dual-path signalling system ensures that the all-important alarms are transmitted and responded to due to the two connection paths to the ARC. We do not recommend a monitoring system less than the dual path. 

The main benefit is that if an intruder damages or disables the first connection path, the system can send the line failure to the second connection path. 

The systems that we recommend utilises a combination of PSTN telephone lines, 3G Sims and IP internet broadband. For example, if an intruder pulls out, damages or disables the main PSTN telephone line, the system can send the line failure to the 3G Sim. 

We recommend DualCom and Emizon in most cases, but where specified we also install BT RedCARE GSM. 

24/7 monitoring for your peace of mind

Our ARC is professionally manned 24/7 and is compliant with BS:5979:2007. By meeting the standards for alarm monitoring, you can be rest assured that your system and any activations will be dealt with in a swift and timely manner, and any potential loss or damage will be reduced. 

Need an intruder alarm system to protect your property?

Not to worry. If you’d like to discuss security solutions for your home or business, contact our site security expert here for free advice and a no-obligation quote. 

Alternatively, if you’ve had a recent break-in or theft and need a solution ASAP, call 08456 121332 now. We’re available 24/7.

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